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Topsoil Blues

Album: Demo for the 2009 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock, Contemporary

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Description: Topsoil Blues - Fred Grittnerīs words, my music.
For the 2009 album.
Check out Fred,
Good stuff!!

Submitted: May 9, 2009 1:02PM

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Lovely song.

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Among your best writing collaborations, Jan

The 'blues' is right in there, in a different treatment than I might expect. I'm very fond of this song and your recording


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Nicely done Jan. You have a nice voice with a very soothing timbre. The lyrics and melody blend very well together. This is a fine song just as it is; but if you ever redo the arrangement, I would love to hear what a little bit of Hammond B3 layered lightly in the background along with a few harmonica or sax accents would sound like. I really enjoyed listening.

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Oh, I've heard a couple versions of this, and this one just nails it. The keyboard lets me ride the emotion all the way through this song. Your vocal on this has just the right touch to it - a sense of longing, a hint of vulnerability. A great song done in great fashion.

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My kinda song. Wish I could do half as well..
Thanks for writing and performing and posting.

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