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As If I Really Knew You

Album: Demo for the 2009 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Contemporary, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: Written with my friend Fred Grittner. A fine songsmith and musician,
His words (except for the bridge), my music. Demo for the 2009 album.

Submitted: May 9, 2009 12:53PM

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Excellent song and performance of it. I was just toying with the idea of writing a song about the pages stuck together (in the book of life) and not noticing what was missed in the story, and then heard this song "as if I really knew you", which was, to me about a similar theme of our really never having as much awareness in life as we think we have - "as if we really knew" life, and as if we were really fully experiencing it. But deadlines and other distractions (and love betrayals, etc) seem to take us away from full awareness and from fully experiencing this precious gift of life.
Thanks for the experience the song added to my formative ,or passing (should I never get around to writing the song about pages sticking together as we read the book of life), idea (and whatever fleeting awareness went along with the thought). Your performance of your friend's song helped me connect a few dots, and to remember that I am not journeying alone in this mystery. Thanks.
P.S. Would you mind listening to my recent song, naked on the beach, and entertain performing it, or critiqueing it in the comment section as to why it may not be worth your taking it on. I am in a place where I can't tell if my written songs are too weak, or simply need a talented performer, such as yourself, to give them a worthy musical vehicle. Of course I understand we are all busy and all have our own projects to promote, but please consider this proposal. I would greatly appreciate it. In the meantime, I am trying to advocate for processes that bring writers and performers together, so as to salvage some potential jewels that never make it into gifted musical hands.

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