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Eddie Loves Bernadette Forever

Album: Demo for 2009 album
Category: Singer/songwriter, Folk Rock

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Description: Words by by my friend Terry Ransom, I wrote the music. We like this one. Demo for the 2009 album.

Submitted: May 9, 2009 12:46PM

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A ballad in the true sense of the word - a story.

Urban - even a little Peter Gunn mystery v. Romantic Period Piece - The unknown, I like that.

Just as the title scrawled on the underpass wall generated the lyric from Terry, you've joined his
vision . . . slightly spooky

The Question: What if . . .

Marvelous is the answer: Who knows . . .

Film Noir [as the style was called] on the big screen

Maybe, Folk Noir . . .

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Enjoyed this song Jan!
I also compose music and perform the songs of a songwriter friend of mine.
I have a lot of my own songs as well

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