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Good Morning

Album: Goodnight to the Stars
Category: Singer/songwriter, New Folk, Contemporary

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Description: Song 2009 Adrienne Frailey. All rights reserved.

"Goodbye" to everything you saw last night / Say "goodnight" to the stars / And "good morning" to the sun / Good luck is who you are / If I could breathe a thousand words to you tonight / Would you understand why I shouldn't stay? / Wish I could save you from the burden of always being right / But the truth is the world doesn't work that way / "Hello" to the first smile that you see / A "see you later" to another on the street / And "good morning" to the one you had before / Good luck to whoever you may meet / If I could keep a thousand thoughts all to myself tonight / Would you understand why I shouldn't stay? / I could lie and tell you you'll be alright / But I'm sorry, the world doesn't work that way / I could tell you I love you / But the truth is that concept's above you / Oh, you'll say "goodbye" to everything you felt last night / Say "goodnight" to everything you see / And "good morning" to the sun / But you won't say anything to me / No, nothing to me

Submitted: March 25, 2009 2:12AM

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Your vocals are always so great...Love the keyboard work...Wonderful well crafted song...COld and lonely in INdiana.

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