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ZZZ Memory Lane

Category: Singer/songwriter, New Folk

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Description: MEMORY LANE speaks volumes to the importance of spending time with friends and loved ones. Here in the real world, when you lose somebody, all that's left is memories and photographs. So sad but true in the memoir's of what was and what should have been.

- MEMORY LANE - Capo 4th Fret (chord G, C and D)

(Dedicated to Wayne Ward)

I was coming down to see you … when I heard, they said you passed away
So I drove up to where you lay, be alone, say goodbye to you
And the ones who came to see you, took flowers, laid them on your grave
It broke my heart, I was sad to say … farewell to my friend.


Dreams, that’s what you do on memory lane
Not much to say to a gravestone, now that you’re gone so long
Dreams, old photographs to ease the pain
You turn this page … and you’re gone ……… but your memory remains


Submitted: February 23, 2009 9:58AM

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Nice song. Harp solo is sweet...

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Nice harmonies, playing...not sure I understand the title though. What is "ZZZ"? is it to imply sleepiness??

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Quite nice. The tone of the recording reminds me of the stuff coming out of Sun Records when I was a kid. Did you do this on half inch or 2 inch master by chance?

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There still alive inside of you. Aren't they? A truly lamenting tune. We all make it to the same place. Lose your dreams you'll lose your mind. Sweet..

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This song makes me cry...I recently lost a good friend of mine and he was only 18, right out of high school. I couldn't go to the memorial and won't be able to see the grave any time soon as it is all on the other side of the country.

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Karlin, I just heard your song ZZZMemory Lane and I was blown away by your delivery

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