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Album: n/a
Category: New Folk, Singer/songwriter, Roots

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Description: copyright 2007

Jim Matio

Submitted: February 18, 2009 12:05PM

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This isn't rockabilly.

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what? who cares?

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Well, it DOES claim to be Rockabilly. And the user above didn't say anything negative about the track, he/she simply stated that it isn't Rockabilly.

This is a great Pop song, Jim. Very cool melody, and the arrangement is top-notch; and I just gave it a 5. But the problem with misleading genre tags is that many people do care. And if a Stray Cats fan searches Rockabilly (to find this), they may feel like they've been baited by a false label.

Honestly, even before I thought "killer tune" I thought "that's not Rockabilly". But that doesn't make it any less a superbly crafted piece.

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yeah you are right chris...i will go and fix the label if i'm able. I wasn't mad or anything like that I wasn't really taking the category thing seriously. thanks for the feedback.

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I was just coming back to give this another listen, Jim. You're a damned solid ship-builder, my man. Can I find anymore of your stuff online? Have you done any tracking with other vocalists (silly question, I know).

Wherever you found Allison- great find. All the best to both of you. Peace.

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I appreciate it Chris...very can find more on myspace.

that should work

or if you just search for allison bordlemay on songs are on her page and i'm her top friend...there's more there as well.

thanks again

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