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And Love

Category: Singer/songwriter, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: New song
Co-written with Jason Williamson

And love

And love
Like a white petaled rose
Bloomin' in the shadows
Of a mid November snow

You can't judge love
Or where it goes
Or even know the season
That it grows

Oh love
It comes and it goes
When and where it wants
Or decides to grow
And love
It puts on a show
When and where it wants
Or decides to go

And love
Like a slow rolliní stream
Cutting out its own way
To the open sea

You canít tell love
What it means
You can't tell the river
Where to lead

You can't judge love
Donít you dare judge me
You can't stop the water
From running free

Mine is a heart with no key
So love
Just leave me beÖ

Submitted: January 14, 2009 2:52PM

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