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Don't Come to Seattle

Artist: Stanislove

Album: The Best of the ECJB. Honest!
Category: Folk Rock, Americana, Singer/songwriter

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Description: (performed with Emerald City Jug Band) This song is dedicated to the memory of notorious Seattle curmudgeon, Emmett Watson, founder of Lesser Seattle and KBO. All cities suffer from greed-driven sprawl and blight, but it hurts more here because the contrast between that and our natural surroundings here is so jarring. Tell your out-of-town relatives to visit (briefly) and then GO HOME!!!

Submitted: June 11, 2006 4:40PM

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smug attitude

Singing through the bathroom door - that's the vocals sound. Funny but, seriously, take some of that boomy reverb off the voice - it's making it harder to hear the lyrics and you're less clear than the guitars, which can't be right.

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