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God Speed John Glenn

Album: Do That One!
Category: Singer/songwriter, Americana, New Folk

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Description: This song was written on the day John Glenn went into space at 77. I started it when Scott Carpenter said the words again...and it was finished by the time the shuttle was in orbit.

Flute-Raven Stands Alone

Submitted: April 7, 2006 11:35AM

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Who doesn't remember this moment, and feel American pride and hope for the future? John Glenn truly is a HERO, and this song is a fantastic tribute to him and all our brave pioneers of space...

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I've heard a few songs about Glenn (well, he's a hero, right? Heroes get songs written about them!) but I have to admit this is the BEST - it just captures the wonder and the history so well. A big "5" from me on this one, Bettina. Wow.

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Thanks, you two. Ya know...this is probably the most emotional song I've ever written. My father, so loved the space program and John Glenn in particular. Something happened to me, as I was watching that launch and I realized that I was still sharing it with my Dad, even though he passed away in 1990. It just welled up and spilled out. :)

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You did Glenn and your Dad proud. Have you sent a copy of this song to John?

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Yes...I managed to get a copy into his hands. In return, I have a nice, friendly note on official stationary! It's very cool! I've already been offered money for the no-body's got enough! *wink*

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