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Follow The Drinking Gourd

Album: Songs To Close The SOA By
Category: Old-time, Folk Rock, Singer/songwriter

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Description: A very old song, freshened up with some acoustic guitar and meticulous mic placement. :)

For the old man is awaiting /
For to carry you to freedom /
Follow the Drinking gourd. /

Richie Havens just died about an hour and a half ago, and I know you asked me to maybe just rant or talk or say how I feel.

I don't even know how I feel yet besides sad and all the loss. He was kind of a hero of mine...

His percussive style of guitar playing; where it almost feels like he's playing the drums on his guitar had blown me away ever since I was about 13 years old. And, every new song that I ever learned I kind of altered the song if it was someone else's material -- where I would add that style wherever I could.

I would try not to make it seem like the whole song was me just doing Richie Havens on guitar and then singing someone else or anything; but maybe 2/3's of the way through the song I would do this percussive thing.

It became a habit of mine. So, almost naturally I have a Richie Havenish style even if I'm not trying to sound like Richie Havens when I'm playing my guitar.

Maybe I'll never do that again, or maybe I'll do it more, I don't know. Like I said I have no idea how I feel right now. Kind of sad...

An additional loss I feel is kind of personal and petty; but for the last five years I thought I was going to drive up to Upstate New York sometime when I have an extra day or two and just kind of watch him busk.

Throw the proverbial one dollar bill in his guitar case or something; because he did that every day of the week pretty much no matter how famous he got...

Goodbye Richie Havens. This world will feel a major loss with you not here, wherever it is you go, I'm sure the world will keep hearing you out there live, and then recorded here on Earth.

Follow the drinking gourd /
Follow the drinking gourd /
For the old man is awaiting /
For to carry you to freedom /
Follow the Drinking gourd. /

Submitted: August 10, 2008 6:25PM

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GREAT to find you on FA, brother! Love this one. Peace.

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very richie havens.....interesting take on the song

Thanks for the feedback!

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