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Album: none
Category: Singer/songwriter, Fingerstyle Guitar

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Description: Wrote this song over the last few days and just finished a home recording.
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How do I face each day as it comes
Conquer the fear at night when day is done
How do I tell my children all will be ok
With faith…Faith

How do I know the Lord is with me now
That He will be here and lead the way somehow
How do I know that Heaven is even real
With Faith…Faith

There will be times that test me well
Sadness and pain will never cease
So many stories left to tell
But I’ll find peace
With faith…Faith

Let the frozen waters run
Let the missiles fill the air
When this world has come undone
He’ll be there…This I know

Faith will keep me well
Though the rivers start to swell
We will live forever
Believing in the Saviour…

Every moment I will keep

Submitted: July 29, 2008 1:35PM

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Another great song Steven! I'm something of a heathen but, for some strange reason, I'm a sucker for songs like this. Muted hope is a powerful thing.

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Thank you very much, David.
Hope is strong and good...Faith is the most powerful feeling I posess...

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Great song Steven. even heathens have faith ;-)

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