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Stuck on Wintertime

Album: Waitin on Wishin Wells
Category: Folk Rock, Singer/songwriter

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Description: Paint me a daybreak, make it nice and sunny

Tell me a story, make it a funny one

Bring on the springtime, I need to hear the birds a'singin'

I need to feel the sunshine of a love that I'm bringin' home


Everyday I wake up and my life is the same

Stuck on Wintertime, ice and snow

Stuck on Wintertime, cold winds blow

Stuck on Wintertime. ice and snow

Stuck on Winterti--i--i--i--ime

lead break

I ain't askin' much of life, I just wanna set me free

I just wanna wanna do more than sit around watchin' the TV

Hand me the paintbrush, I'll paint the whole damn thing yellow

I'll paint Sunday morning, and I'll make it a mellow one


Submitted: June 18, 2008 11:02AM

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Nice vocals.....Great song!

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