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For Kyoko

Artist: Paul Arenson

Category: Contemporary, Singer/songwriter

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Description: This is rather different than most of my songs. For Kyoko, whose love has given me courage to be myself, whose passion, caring and humor inspire me. This is a song that wrote itself, and it comes complete with a chicken and a stuffed animal.

The day that i met you
I knew that I had to be with you
By the way that the stars shone on me and you

The day that I met you
I knew that our love could only grow
As high as the skies, as deep as the roots of the tallest trees, tallest trees
You and me

You care for the world and I care for you
Our love is greater than me and you

Kotaro is clucking, he's happy
Knows we're gonna be a big family
Stripey, typical tiger's not talking
But contently he's purring

You care...

Submitted: June 13, 2008 11:30AM

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