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Dear John

Album: Crucible
Category: New Folk, Singer/songwriter, Americana

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Description: A few years ago, when Bush (W) was still in office, I was on my way to perform at a venue in a very conservative area. I planned to perform a protest song I had written called "Human Race" and I was feeling a little nervous about how it would be received. I was thinking about John Lennon and how fearless he was in speaking his mind and I started to wonder what kind of trouble he'd be getting himself into if he were around today. This is my "letter" to John.

Submitted: April 5, 2009 12:53AM

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There's something about a great song that touches a part of my heart and soul....I feel tears well up in my eyes....My heart aches with a wonderful joy....And my soul feels like seeing a beautiful sunrise...Your vocals blew me away....The guitar work top drawer....Please more....COld and more lonely than ever in INdiana.

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I have the same thoughts when I play some of my songs in public,kind of a rush really, Imagine how John felt. I believe thats a special connection only performing musicians expierience. You've written a beautiful tribute.

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