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Aj Hazlett
LocationAkron, Ohio
Joined: September 23, 2006
Bio: Im in a couple bands these are not them. I ha...
Aki Laakso
LocationRaleigh, NC
Joined: September 04, 2017
InfluencesTallest Man on Earth, Hiss Golden Messenger, Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams
Bio: Writing songs and making acoustic home recordin...
Al Dunkleman
LocationBoiling Springs, North Carolina
Joined: April 17, 2006
Bio: Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist blendi...
Al Engelmann
LocationBolingbrook, IL
Joined: January 19, 2016
MembersAl Engelmann
InfluencesI have no idea!
Bio: I am a Chicago-area singer and songwriter, and ...
Alan Kim Cochran
LocationBoise, Idaho
Joined: June 20, 2013
MembersAlan Kim Cochran
InfluencesDonovan, Nick Drake, Dick Gaughan
Bio: Musically, a mix of Greg Lake, Donovan, and Dav...
Alan Still
Joined: May 17, 2009
InfluencesStorm-worn hope
Bio: I drive a matt-finish 70's tractor and nothing...
Joined: January 15, 2017
MembersCarleen Ebbs, Miranda Westcott & Claire Egan
Influencesjoni mitchell
Bio: Alaudiae explore the infinite and beautiful rep...
Alec Martin
LocationManchester, UK
Joined: August 18, 2006
Bio: One of the country's hardest working musicians ...
Alex Kash
LocationSouth Florida
Joined: September 25, 2006
MembersAlex Kash
InfluencesJames Taylor, Beatles, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Bob Marley, Joni mitchell, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, many others.
Bio: "Alex has one of the most beautiful natural vo...
Alex Cartwright
LocationUnited States
Joined: February 09, 2014
InfluencesPete Seeger, John Prine, Dar Williams, Mandolin Orange, Iris Dement
Bio: "Bubbly as champagne and twice as intoxicating....
Alex Di Reto
LocationRome - Italy
Joined: November 21, 2011
InfluencesJJ Cale/Dylan/S Stills etc
Bio: ALEX DI RETO, singer-songwriter in the styl...
Alex Haff
LocationNew York, NY
Joined: May 29, 2016
MembersAlex Haff
InfluencesJohn Mayer
Bio: Alex Haff is an emerging singer-songwriter in N...
Alex Luna
LocationSafford, Arizona
Joined: April 10, 2012
InfluencesKaty Perry gargling diesel gas
Bio: Just learning to play. Learn alot of stuff off ...
Alex Ramirez
LocationMonterey California
Joined: May 05, 2010
InfluencesBeatles,Bob Dylan,Neil Young,Nick Drake,Tim Hardin list goes on
Bio: I'm from Monterey California where we have a r...
Alex Smith
LocationLong Lake, NY
Joined: November 16, 2010
MembersAlex Smith
InfluencesStan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Dave Alvin, Darrel Scott, Dan Berggren, Chris Shaw
Bio: Alex Smith grew up in Long Lake, NY, in the hea...

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