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Steve Kunzman

Member sinceNovember 26, 2007
MembersSteve Kunzman
InfluencesI have been influenced by so many writers, performers and players. Influences keep coming and I keep listening.
Artist Biography:
On a hot summer night, a warm spring evening, cooling fall dusk, on the porch - front or back -in the winter by the fire, this is the music. Warm, from the heart, soothing, a little weary. Steve has entertained this way all through Europe, Israel, and, of course, the US. People's porches, homes, by the pool, by the pond, and on stages of coffee houses, bars and community centers. Steve's first CD, Find the Moon, presents a rich palette of acoustic sounds and textures, with an array of styles that keep the listener interested, but grounded in thoughtful words, the natural sounds of the instruments and Steveís voice. The songs tell of unexplained loss of friends (Sandro), the loss of childhood dreams (Play As I Play), and the loss of a beloved pet (Howl at the Night), but also of the fullness of love (Hold You Everyday, and Lay Down with Me), a life shared (This Oneís A Sea), and the love and caring of a child (Letís Find the Moon.) "Steve brings a level of sensitivity, skill and instinct that is totally original and beautifully honest. I was, and remain, a fan of Steve's writing, playing and singing." --Rosanne Cash

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