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David Batteau

Member sinceNovember 13, 2007
LocationLos Angeles, California
InfluencesThe Beatles, Bob Dylan
Artist Biography:


David Batteau is a master songwriter whose influence has been felt throughout the music industry and the world, from Top 40 radio, TV & film, to French dance clubs, Japanese karaoke bars, Maori churches in New Zealand and the Masai African outback of Kenya. His hits have included “Tell Her She’s Lovely” by El Chicano, “Walk In Love” by Manhattan Transfer, “You’re The Love” by Seals & Croft, “Automatic Man” by Michael Sembello, “The Discipline Of Love” by Robert Palmer, “If It Hurts Just A Little” by Donna Summer, “Don’t Stop” by Jeffrey Osborne, and “Beyond The Call” by John Farnham among many others.

David has written songs for many of our most prominent entertainers, including Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Shawn Colvin and Sheryl Crow. His songs have contributed to the sales of over 40 million records and CDs throughout the world, including recordings by Wilson Phillips (8 million sales), New Edition (6 million sales) and Robert Palmer (4 million sales),

David’s song “Tell Her She’s Lovely” is considered to be a Latin Standard.

David’s song, “Tear Down The Walls”, was used as a media theme song for the fall of the Berlin Wall at the end of the Cold War.

He had the honor of writing lyrics for a Wladyslaw Szpilman (“The Pianist”) English language recording project, released in conjunction with the Academy Award winning film, “The Pianist”.

David has recorded as an artist for Columbia Records (BATTEAUX), A&M Records (DAVID BATTEAU), Atlantic Records (NOMO) and Epic Records (SOUL MISSION).

As a musician he has toured the United States with Perla Batalla, including performances at the Kennedy Center, the Getty Museum and the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Perla and David wrote and recorded two CDs together. Mestiza (1998) & Heaven and Earth (2000).

2005 releases include recordings of David’s songs by Bonnie Raitt, Jonathan Butler, Maia Sharp, Adrianne Gonzalez, Revolution of the Spirit (honoring the work of Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau and others), Omar Torrez, Sara Hickman and the soundtrack from the documentary film, “Hollywood’s Magical Island, Catalina”.

2006 releases included recordings by Ghostface Killah, Bonnie Raitt, Maia Sharp and Sara Hickman .

2007 releases include Ernie Halter’s Congress Hotel. David is currently working on his own CD.

David was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 25,1949. He has two grown children, Yolande and Christian. He lives in Los Angeles.


1) Spanky And Our Gang "Space Cowboys Forever"
2) Bonnie Keen "A Gate Called Beautiful"
3) Jonathan Butler "After All This Time"
4) David Mullen "After The Hurricaine"
5) Kelli Reisen "After The Hurricaine"
6) June Pointer "Always"
7) First Call "Amanece En Ararat"
8) Michael Berger "American Island"
9) Art Garfunkel "And I Know"
10) The Strand "Another Night In The City"
11) Nomo ""A Little True Love"
12) Michael Sembello "Automatic Man" (produced by Phil Ramone)
13) John Klemmer "Beloved"
14) Jimmy Earl "Better Believe"
15) John Farnham "Beyond The Call"
16) First Call "Box Of Glory"
17) Perla Batalla "Burning"
18) Mary Black "By The Hour" (produced by Larry Klein)
19) Perla Batalla "Camino A Santiago"
20) Jonathan Butler "Can't Let Go"
21) The Starnd "Can't Look Back"
22) Gina Haley "Capture My Spirit"
23) Valeria Lynch "Caravana De Suenos"
24) Sergio Mendes "Carnaval"
25) Cassius "Cassius 99"
26) Perla Batalla "Cinema Of Tears"
27) Perla Batalla "Cine De Llantos"
28) Maia Sharp "Come Back To Me"
29) Kim Stockwood "Compassion"
30) Michael Sembello "Cowboy"(produced by Phil Ramone)
31) Maia Sharp "Crooked Crown"
32) Bonnie Raitt "Crooked Crown"
33) Soul Mission "Cross Of Stone"
34) Sergio Mendes "Dance Attack"
35) Nomo "Dance The Dance"
36) David Batteau "Dancing On Atoms"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
37) Deni Hines "Delicious"
38) New Edition "Delicious"
39) David Fathead Newman "Destiny"
40) Rufus with Chaka Khan "Desiny"
41) Jeffrey Osborne "Don't Stop"
42) Don Freeman "Dump Your Milk On Me"
43) Akina Nakamori "Easy Rider"
44) First Call "El Premio"
45) Jermaine Jackson "Escape From The Planet Of The Antmen"
46) Perla Batalla "Eternity"
47) Nomo "Facts Of Life"
48) John Klemmer "Falling"
49) Gina Haley "Fear And Trembling"
50) David Batteau "Festival Of Fools"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
51) Art Garfunkel "Finally Found A Reason"
52) Marcy Levy ""First Invasion"
53) Legend Seven "First Love"
54) Angela Bofill "First Time"
55) Marilyn Scott "First Time"
56) Michael Sembello "First Time" (produced by Phil Ramone)
57) Jonathan Butler "Follow It Through"
58) First Call "Freedom"
59) Bonnie Raitt "Fundamental Things"
60) Soul Mission "Give It All To Jesus"
61) Ray Simpson "Give This Heart A Chance"
62) John Klemmer "Glass Dolphins"
63) Bonnie Raitt "Goin Wild For you Baby"(produced by Peter Asher)
64) Trisha Yearwood "Wild For You Baby"
65) David Batteau "Happy In Hollywood"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
66) California "Happy In Paradise"
67) Soul Mission "He Is Amazing"
68) Perla Batalla "Heaven And Earth"
69) Robben Ford "Hey Brother"
70) Batteaux "High Tide"
71) Paul Horn "High Tide"
72) Marilyn Scott "Hold On To Your Heart"
73) Holy Cole "Hold On"(produced by Larry Klein)
74) John Cody "Hold On"
75) Perla Batalla "Holy Roses"
76) Donna Summer "(If It) Hurts Just A Little"(produced by Quincy Jones)
77) John Cody "I Can't Stop Crying"(produced by Larry Klein)
78) Randy Crawford ""I Don't Want To Lose Him"
79) Valeria Lynch "I Don't Want To Lose Him"
80) The Strand "I Like It Like That"
81) Wendy Lands "I'm Set Free"
82) Batteaux "I Sang This Song"
83) George Duke "I Surrender"
84) Robey "I Surrender"
85) Perla Batalla "Iberia"
86) Nicky Holland "Independence Days"
87) Rita Guerra "Independence Days"
88) Flora Purim "Island In The Sun"
89) Pablo Cruise "Island Woman"
90) John Farnham "It All Comes Back To You"
91) Batteaux "Joe Arnold"
92) The Strand "Just A Little More Time"
93) Miki Asakura "Killer Love"
94) Nomo "Killer Love"
95) Perla Batalla "Kindness"
96) David Batteau "Oh, My Little Darling"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
97) Batteaux "Lady Of The Lake"
98) Annie Crummer "Language"
99) First Call "Lazarus Unwound"
100) Nomo "Let It Come Down"
101) Toni Childs "Let The Rain Come Down"
102) John Klemmer "Let's Make Love"
103) Jonathan Butler ""Let's Stand Together"
104) Jeffrey Osborne "Live For Today"
105) Batteaux "Living's Worth Loving"
106) The Strand "Long Hot Summer"
107) Willi Jones with Willie Dixon "Long Legged Goddess"
108) Rocky Robbins "Look Before You Leap"
109) Cheryl Lynn "Look Before You Leap"
110) Freda Payne "Lost In Love"
111) Sergio Mendes "Love Is Waiting"
112) David Sanborn "Love Will Come Someday"
113) Melvin Lee Davis "Love Will Come Someday"
114) France Joli "Love's On Fire"
115) Martha Davis "Lust"
116) John Klemmer "Magnificent Madness"
117) El Chicano "Make You All My Own"
118) Perla Batalla "Making Up For Lost Time"
119) Greg Long "Man Of Sorrows"
120) Batteaux "Maybe I'll Run Away"
121) Alabina "Me Encuentro En Tu Desierto"
122) Los Ninos De Sara "Me Encuetro En Tu Desierto"
123) The Temptations "Memories"
124) Batteaux "Mirror"
125) Perla Batalla "Morning Star"
126) Gina Haley "Mountain Top"
127) Richard Elliot "Movers And Shakers"
128) Michael Sembello "Movers And Shakers"
129) John Klemmer "Music"
130) Kate Markowitz "My L.A."
131) Wendy Lands "My Memories Of You"
132) Batteaux "My Morning Glory"
133) Martha Davis "My Promise"
134) Don Freeman "Nervous Kiss"
135) Wilson Phillips "Next To You (Someday I'll Be)"(produced by Glen Ballard)
136) Sara Hickman "No Name For Love"
137) Valeria Lynch "No Quiero Perderlo"
138) Sara Hickman "Oh, Daddy"
139) Perla Batalla "On This Rock"
140) Soul Mission "One Blood"
141) Joe Chemay "One Needs Another"
142) Toby Beau "One Needs Another"
143) David Batteau "Orphee"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
144) Jermaine Jackson "Our Love Story"
145) Perla Batalla "Out Of The Labyrinth"
146) Jimmy Earl "Panteria"
147) Kate Markowitz "My L.A."
148) The Strand "Prisoners In Paradise"
149) Wendy Lands "Prisoners Of Evening"
150) Sergio Mendes "Rainbow's End"
151) Perla Batalla "Ramona"
152) Nomo "Red Lipstick"
153) John Keane " Red Raven"
154) Perla Batalla "Remnant"
155) The Strand "Rock It Tonight"
156) Jeff Paris "Rock Tonight"
157) First Call "Sacred Journey"
158) Alabina "Sahara (Beyond The Desert Wind)"
159) Pablo Cruise "Sailing To Paradise"
160) Soul Mission "Salvation Road"
161) Perla Batalla "Salvation"
162) Perla Batalla "Scarlet Thread"
163) Rufus "Secret Love"
164) Soul Mission "Settled In Heaven"
165) David Batteau "She Needs Love"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
166) Akina Nakamori "Slave For Love"
167) Nomo "Slave For Love"
168) Jai Uttal "Soldiers"
169) Perla Batalla "Someday Soon"
170) Wendy Lands "Someday We Will Love Again"
171) Soul Mission "Soul Mission"
172) Soul Mission "Some Sweet Day"
173) Mavis Staples "Some Sweet Day"
174) David Batteau "Spaceship Earth"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
175) Perla Batalla "Starbound"
176) The Strand "Stay Away from My Girl"
177) Jonathan Butler "Story Of Life"
178) John Keane "Straightaway"
179) Michael Sembello "Summer Lovers"
180) First Call "Sunrise On Ararat"
181) Russ Taff "Tears Of The Sun"
182) Soul Mission "Table In The Wilderness"
!83) Tata Vega "Table In The Wilderness"
184) Sara Hickman "Take Me With You"
185) Greg Phillinganes "Takin It Up All Night"
186) Michael Sembello "Tear Down The Walls"
187) Rick Cua "Tear Down The Walls"
188) Soul Mission "Tear This House Down"
189) Perla Batalla "Tears Of The Sun"
190) El Chicano "Tell Her She's Lovely"
191) Batteaux "Tell Her She's Lovely"
192) The Union Station Singers "Tell Her She's Lovely"
193) Tierra "Tell Her She's Lovely"
194) Perla Batalla "Teotihuacan"
195) First Call "Thank You Lord"
196) Bonnie Raitt "The Bed I Made"
197) Perla Batalla "The First Time I Felt Rain"
198) Adrianne Leon "The Everlasting Dream"
199) Vicki Thomas "The Forbidden"
200) David Batteau "The Gates In Your Heart"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
201) Nomo "The Great Unknown"
202) Nicky Holland "The Night We Never Met"
203) First Call "The Prize"
204) First Call "Before The Rage Reborn"
205) Dolly Parton "The River Unbroken"
206) Russ Taff "The River Unbroken"
207) Kate Markowitz "These Wheels"
208) Nicky Holland "This Town"
209) First Call "Timothy's Burden"
210) The Martins "Timothy's Burden"
211) Miguel Mateos "Titar Los Muros Abajo"
212) Perla Batalla "Turtle Island"
213) First Call "Under The Water"
214) Nomo "Wailing Wall"
215) Carl Graves "Walk In Love"
216) David Batteau "Walk In Love"(produced by The Beatles' engineer, Ken Scott)
217) John Gates "Walk In Love"
218) John Klemmer "Walk In Love"
219) Manhattan Transfer "Walk In Love"
220) Norrie Paramor & The M.R.O. "Walk In Love"
221) Rachel Alejandro "Walk In Love"
222) First Call "Wanna Be"
223) California "We Can, Yes We Can"
224) Nomo "We Go To Sleep Believing"
225) Irene Cara "We're Gonna Get Up"
226) Michael Sembello "What You Really Want"
227) First Call "When You Fall"
228) New Edition "Who Do You Trust"
229) Valerie Carter "Wild Child" (produced by James Newton Howard)
230) John Cody "Winds Of Vanity"
231) Shawn Colvin "Wish You Were Here"
232) Nick Munday "Woman's Touch"
233) Don Mack "You're The Love"
234) Frank Chacksfired Orchestra "You're The Love"
235) Seals And Crofts "You're The Love
237) Manhattan Transfer "Women In Love"
238) Jonathan Butler "Spirit Of Our Nation"
239) Omar Torrez "Dog Heart"
240) Omar Torrez "St. Vladimir"
241) Sara Hickman "Birdhouse"
242) Sara Hickman "A Song For You"
243) Ernie Halter "Melissa"
244) Ernie Halter "Something's Come Over Me"
245) Ernie Halter "Moving Along"
246) Ernie Halter "When The Lights go Down"
247) Revolution Of The Spirit "Revolution Of The Spirit"
248) Revolution Of The Spirit "It Starts From Inside"
249) Revolution Of The Spirit "Try To Understand"

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