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Green Tea

Member sinceJuly 17, 2007
LocationStevens Point, WI USA
MembersAaron Scharmer, Ashley Thomas, Fritha Schedgick, John Coletta, Shawn Kuklinski, Trevor Roark
InfluencesGrada, Flook, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Eileen Ivers, Avishai Cohen
Artist Biography:
Green Tea performs high-energy Irish dance music with a strong infusion of Celtic world-beat and contemporary improvisation. Such is the distinctiveness of Green Tea’s sound (the traditional blended with the new), that it can sometimes defy categorization. In any case, Green Tea will knock your socks off! And that includes socks of all ages: college students, children, and parents may be found dancing on the same eclectic dance floor when Green Tea plays. Green Tea’s first album’s name? ALL AGES, of course! The second album, released in March 2007, combines the traditional with the progressive to achieve a bold, new Celtic fusion and also features World-Class piper Peter Purvis from Gaelic Storm!
Listeners delight in following the acoustic pathways that Green Tea’s musicians explore in their articulation of Irish traditional music, African, folk, jazz, bluegrass, Middle Eastern and Eastern European grooves, the Blues, and even Pop music. Known for its diverse array of instrumentation, Green Tea serves up new sounds and new concepts with every performance. Jonathan Overby of Wisconsin Public Radio’s live variety show Higher Ground responded to the livid dueling between tradition and innovation when he said, “Wow, they get us going, don’t they? Let’s all storm State Street!” Green Tea shares its humor, its knowledge of old traditions and new progressions, and most importantly its love for music.
In addition to Green Tea’s performance on Higher Ground, their live show has been causing a stir at venues such as their performance at the world’s largest Irish Fest, Milwaukee Irish Fest, in 2006. Their music has been played on many radio programs such as National Public Radio’s Simply Folk with Judy Rose. Plus, Green Tea’s music has been featured in other media like the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s production of Martin McDonagh’s play The Cripple of Inishmaan.

John, an outstanding whistle and “hands” player (who needs flutes and whistles when you can blow into your hands for free?), couldn’t fully escape his musician father’s classical training and jazz-playing influence. So, when John’s clarinet died and returned to live a double life as a pennywhistle and a keyless Irish flute, listeners still hear the resonance of “classical jazz.”
Shawn, an African-style drummer by design, started playing djembe many years ago. Soon after, he began to teach, sell African drums, and perform traditional African rhythms amongst large gatherings at the local University and outdoor venues. He now drives Green Tea’s rhythm with traditional West African techniques on the djembe and doun douns.
Trevor, Green Tea’s rhythm guitarist, drives the music with innovative chord progressions and rhythms that will make old tunes new again. A
brilliant arranger, writer, and innovator, Trevor can sometimes be seen
jamming his bodhrán on stage.
Aaron brings it all to the stage: piano, electro-mechanical keyboards from the 70's, vintage synthesizers, and a melodica. With a growing resume that
includes international performances at numerous piano competitions, Colleges, Universities, and concert halls, his career began to change when he discovered world music and jazz. He now lends complementary and improvisational
elements from a world of genres beyond Celtic tradition: alternative, jazz, folk, funk, rock, et. al.
Fritha was introduced to Celtic music by her dear friend Betsy, and they used to play “Home with the Girls in the Morning” on fiddle until the sun would come up over Lake Michigan. Along with Betsy and friends, Fritha formed a traditional band called Roche-A-Cri in 1999. She now puts on a fiddle frenzy mixing traditional songs with improvised Green Tea licks.
Ashley has been lighting up the stage with her passionate vocals. She stems from a history in jazz and toured around the world with the Continental Singers in 2003. Her soulful voice captivates the audience, leaving them with an enlightened experience they won’t soon forget.
Their 2nd album, coming March 2007, will feature highland and uilleann piper Peter Purvis from Gaelic Storm Some Green Tea performances have included special guest Cody Hunter on the Highland bagpipes and the Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance

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