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Dolbro Dan

Member sinceApril 14, 2018
LocationNorthern Ireland
MembersDaniel Mulligan
InfluencesDonovan, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Luke Kelly
Artist Biography:
Dolbro Dan is a songwriter from Northern Ireland. Dan's catchy lyrics and alluring vocals may appeal to fans of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, REM and maybe Pearl Jam.

Dan began writing songs around the time he was finishing high school and has carried on honing his craft (and improving his harmonica skills) into his mid 30s.

Dan's taste in music has come a long way since his punk rock days as a teenager but he still favours songs with 'bite' - something slightly visceral and captivating.

Apart from making music Dan enjoys collecting records, CDs and band memorabilia from some of his favourite artists.

His appreciation for the art and design of albums motivates him to write more songs and so the cycle continues...

Here at Folk Alley OpenMic are some tracks from his latest album, Folk Dope.

More by Dolbro Dan:

All's Well That Ends (Oh Well)
Cement Shoes
Own Up
Quit While You're Ahead
Staring At The Floor

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