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Keynes Brothers

Member sinceJune 03, 2017
LocationAustralia (Melbourne and Canberra)
MembersJohn Fraser, Rowan Cole
InfluencesThe Byrds, Neil Young, Beatles, Pete Seeger, Eric Bogle, Redgum
Artist Biography:
The Keynes Brothers are John Fraser (vocals/guitar) and Rowan Cole (guitar/mandolin/vocals). We’re a fairly new Australian acoustic duo based in Melbourne and Canberra (note to Australian listeners; don’t ask!).

Our music draws inspiration from folk and folk rock with a little blues inspiration thrown in. Our lyrics are centered on modern life. Topics range from the future of the planet, and politics to more regular topics like love and humor. We have both worked solo in the past and our early songs were written separately. Later songs have been written jointly.

The 3 songs on our EP are “Attrition”, “Refuge”, and “Faces Reflected”. “Refuge” is semi autobiographical. It's partly about events in John’s childhood and partly about our first band. “Faces Reflected” originated in a moment of annoyance when one of us was almost shoved off his feet on the train by a group who never looked up from their phones. “Attrition”, is a song of love gone wrong and memories that don't fade quite as quickly as the storyteller would like.

Like many unsigned acts we are working to produce recordings of high enough quality enough to release on CD. In the last year we have begun to get airplay. Future recorded product will happen when we have the funds and the time. A website and on line store will happen when we find a tech company we trust.

“Brand new duo,have combined their hearts and minds to create sensitive, thoughtful tracks....Fraser and Cole compliment each other....Fraser's big tenor, soars and moves the listener.....their lyrics dig deep..A truly impressive first release with more to follow”.....Christine Sullivan Vocalist....”

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