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Member sinceMarch 07, 2017
LocationCharlton Heights WV
InfluencesFolk/rock, alterna-country, blues, rockabilly, punk, E-Z listenin' like James Taylor, Simon + Garfunkle, Bob Dylan
Artist Biography:
I'm goin' folk. And you can go folk yourself. :)

T. Paige Dalporto
304 549 0332

I started writing songs :) and performing in *+©®.

I have written over √€^^= Songs, about ? of them still active. One of my goals $&$$&-r rd mpany and s. I have lyoutnel with almosth ain't baddering it's all my music


I moved to Nashville in 1979, came back to WV in 1986, got involved in the Mountains Movement in 1996, started writing songs for that movement and performing them at rallies, protest, in movies, and on the CD Solid Pearl, and several other compilation works. I'm still performing, recording. Played "Dewey" opposite Theresa Russell in the film, Moving Mountains, by Pulitzer finalist, Penny Loeb, which features several of my original songs. (See Born to Fly) I have won awards for my songwriting, my photography, and my poetry, and a book of my poetry and photographs, It's Still a Wonder Just Being Here is available.

The most precious gift may just be the ability to appreciate and enjoy one’s own gift, integrated into a thoughtful, giving life.
What People Are Saying About The Songs
“I loved-loved-loved your song (“Hawks Nest: Tunnel of Death”) for The Hawks' Nest Tunnel film. There is no way that song will NOT be in the film. It is incredible and so are you. Just want you to know how I appreciate you. You rock!” Mari-Lynn Evans Producer of The Appalachians on PBS (6 million viewers)
“Just reading the lyrics in your song makes me cry. Dear God, this song is great and you are a genius.” Judy Bonds, Coal River Mountain Watch, winner of the Goldman Prize, “The Nobel for Environmentalists” “This song says what I have tried so hard to put into words. I love it. You have outdone yourself again.” Maria Gunnoe, Coal River Mountain Watch, winner of the Goldman Prize, “The Nobel for Environmentalists”
"T. Paige, ‘The Soundtrack of our Movement’ (to save Appalachia’s mountains). One of the most eloquent songwriters around. There’s a real soul to what he sings.” Paul Corbit Brown, named in the Top 100 Human Rights Defenders, Human Rights Watch, Dublin, Ireland; President, Keeper of The Mountains Foundation
"This is a great song." Denise Giardina, environmentalist, West Virginia gubenetorial candidate and author of the book, Storming Heaven "This song makes me proud to know you"....Sandy Wells, Columnist, Innerviews, The Charleston Gazette. “Thank you for your lovely book. Both the poems and photographs are haunting and beautiful. I was very touched by your story.” Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind, Columbia University, New York "I like your music."...Kate Long, veteran Singer/songwriter, Writer for The Charleston Gazette, WV Public Radio Producer “Keep doing what you’re doing”...Kathy Matea, Nashville Recording Artist "You rock hard for one cat." Todd Burge, singer/songwriter “I listened to your CD till 2 am last night. The first time I heard you play, I couldn’t wait to hear more. I knew I had to wait but eventually would get together with you to hear more. I knew, because of what you were were different, and I was struck by your uniqueness, passion, and the edginess in your playing and songs; you weren’t like the rest. I really believe in your talent and I’ve listened to a lot of music and you rank up near the top.” Marcia Flannery Griffith, Nashville Recording Artist, Singer Songwriter

“His songs and passionate delivery make it seem possible that mountains can indeed be moved.” Michelle Adair, Arist/Educator, Fayetteville, W. Va.
For, “The Ballad of Shirley Jones”
"This song is about my Uncle Shirley. He died at the age of 18 from working in Hawks Nest." Rita Jones Hanshaw
T. Paige P.O. Box 96 Charlton Heights WV 25040 304 549 0332
"Horrible tragedy, this song is amazing and totally captures how most of the people who worked in that tunnel must of felt." Tessa Colyer 8 months ago “My grandmother is the daughter of Cecil Jones. She never knew her father as he died along with his brothers before she was born. Until yesterday, her daughters and grandchildren were not really aware of this massive tragedy. Thank you to the people making the songs and films so we have more information about our past. This story MUST be told.” Patricia Daniels
rickietube1 "Wow, that's a great job on the song. I have been around the tunnel and I know of 4 locations where victims were buried, so I know what you are singing about. When does the film come out? This should be the theme song for the film." Shiny Shine 2 years ago
"My grandfather was Charles Jones. I am so proud that this tragedy is finally coming to light". Cary Curlee 1 day ago "Awesome song! I have my students read Hawk's Nest (a novel about the tunnel) in Intro to Appalachian Studies. I believe this story story needs to be told!"
For, “When You Go” "This song makes me proud to know you"....Sandy Wells, The Charleston Gazette. “I try and not cry at work. Beautiful!" Linda Petry
"I love that song." Mike @
"I love this song. It is powerful. Anyone that truly cares about people will be affected by this song. You have stayed true to yourself a long long time Paige. It's time your work is recognized. Hopefully this song will be the beginning of something really good for you. You are a wonderful beautiful person Paige. I am so proud to know you and call you my friend...." Bo Webb CRMW
“Oh my, Paige, this will touch everyone who hears it. What a beautiful tribute!” Mary Caputi, MD
“Very moving and tender tribute to the fallen Massey miners.” Tony Oppegard, Attorney for Miners’ Rights “Very, very, great song!!! Couldn’t take my eyes off if it! You got a winner there. Thank you for sharing. Loved it.”....Joe Youtube musician, viewer

For the film, Moving Mountains, by Penny Loeb
The film, by Pulitzer finalist Penny Loeb, premiered August 21, 2014, to an excited and appreciative audience of 250 in Charleston WV, at the old Capital Theater. Without benefit of resources to publicize, mainly through word of mouth and social networking, we were able to successfully launch this picture about Trish Bragg who had to go to battle with a major mining corporation and the state government that protected them.
I played the role of her husband, my first acting job, to a nice round of applause at my first appearance on screen. Famed actor, Theresa Russell, played Trish Bragg. It was my first acting, ever. I counted 6 of my songs in the soundtrack as we watched this beautiful film unfold. My music was also used throughout in the trailer.
“He was brilliant. An extremely talented actor and artist. I really enjoyed working with him.” Michael Alban actor, Moving Mountains
“That a first time actor like T. Paige held his own alongside an accomplished a star like Theresa Russell is quite an accomplishment!” Michelle Farrell, Director of Cinematography, Moving Mountains


For: It’s Still a Wonder Just Being Here: Photographs and Poems
“Thank you for your lovely book. Both the poems and photographs are haunting and beautiful. I was very touched by your story.” Sylvia Nasar, author of, A Beautiful Mind, Columbia University, New York
“This is one for the Mountain State to be proud of...beautifully printed.” Ken Sullivan, Ph.D., Executive Director, W.Va. Humanities Council, Charleston, W.Va.
“The delicate way the images inform the writing and vice versa...and the relationship between the two is both personal and striking.” Meredith Coeyman, Aperture Foundation, New York
“The book is a delightful harmony of images and words.” -- Penny Loeb, Editor in Chief, US News and World Report, Pulitzer Prize finalist, author of the book, producer of the movie, "Moving Mountains"
“Youʼre a poet. And not a bad one.” Don Marsh, Editor in Chief, The Charleston Gazette.
“All of the photos are beautiful, simple, and sincere. I particularly enjoyed the Gauley Diner photographs and Smithers and Alloy. His poems are likewise, beautiful, simple and sincere.” Steve Fesenmaier, former head of the West Virginia Library Commission Film Services
“From big black coal cars that travel to heaven and ride among the stars, to his vivid descriptions of trees and West Virginia landscapes, this is one true example of turning coal dust into a real diamond of a book. The pictures are priceless, as well. Wait till you see where the Raven is sitting. I loved it. A real slice of Appalachia.” Patricia Syner, Educator, Fayette County, W.Va.
“This book makes me proud to be a West Virginian. The author demonstrates a true understanding of Appalachian life through his photography and a desire to live life to its fullest through his poetry. An Appalachian Prize” customer, from Montgomery, W.Va.

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