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Liam's Wake

Member sinceApril 03, 2006
LocationPhiladelphia, PA
Influencespaul simon, bob dylan, dave matthews, david gray
Artist Biography:
Liam is a singer and a songwriter who currently resides in the streets of Philadelphia, but soon hopes to occupy that space just inside your head. He is a songwriter who has drawn comparisons to Dave Matthews, Paul Simon and David Gray. His songs have the homegrown sensibility of a folk song and the likeability of a good pop song.

With one independently produced LP, Written in Ink, and a new 4 song EP (which you can hear at Folk Alley) Liam has high hopes and aspirations to spread his music to all who will listen. He plans to play throughout the city of Philadelphia and creep along the east coast as much as possible.

Liam understands the power of song to tell a personal story that everyone can relate to. After all, it isnít the songwriter that determines the meaning of a song. The ears that they fall upon have that responsibility. He has attempted to make his mark as a songwriter who writes about life and the struggles we all face. ďI aim to inspire and in todayís world, we could all use a little bit of hope.Ē

Liamís journey has taken him from upstate New York to Australia and New Zealand. While abroad, he picked up the harmonica thinking that it would add a bit to his sound. His songbook grew along with his inspiration and his desire to share his music. After graduating from college in Buffalo, NY, Liam returned to Philadelphia with hopes of making a record.

In 2004, Liam teamed up with his brother, Kevin, to create something organic and born out of the love of music. Liam provided the songs, while Kevin produced, mixed, engineered and played multiple instruments. Pulling together as much money as they could, they constructed a miniature studio in the attic of their parentsí house. The results are recorded in Liamís debut album, Written in Ink.

Teaming up with Drexel University in 2006, Liam created the 4 Song EP that you can find here, at Folk Alley. It leads you to believe that there is much more in store for this young songwriter. Enjoy!

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