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Black * Scarr

Member sinceNovember 21, 2011
MembersJohnny Black & Emma Scarr
Artist Biography:
Johnny Black and Emma Scarr co-wrote their album (NORTH & SOUTH) of duets, ballads and other anthems over a few months in the summer of 2011. Their styles have collided to produce, in a very short time what sounds like a classic English Country/Folk Album, not from Nashville, but from the more tucked-away streets of East London and the coal-dust tinged open spaces of the North East of England.

Many of the songs celebrate middle-aged relationships - failed suffered or survived. Sensitive lyrics are given an upbeat push by lively driven rhythms and tunes. Splattered amongst the bitterness and sadness are bits of hope and tenderness. The touching fondness of “Together,” The keen, or desperate desire of the secret lovers of “The Hornbeam Café” to see each other. Johnny’s love of the North East given voice in “Blackhall Rocks” and “Angel of the North” while Emma’s more understated writing speaks of fondness for a Londoner’s places of refuge – The River Lea, Jaywick, Essex. The unhappy words are strangely but pleasingly married with upbeat, happy-sounding music.

Johnny Black and Emma Scarr hope that you enjoy NORTH & SOUTH. Much has been lived through to write these songs, and the making of the album in such a short time was not always plain sailing either, with life often getting in the way. We are very proud of it.

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