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John Sarvis & Dennis Cheplick

Member sinceMarch 14, 2011
InfluencesJohn Denver & Peter Paul And Mary
Artist Biography:
Dennis Cheplick started playing six string guitar at age 11. From ages 15 to 19 he played in a local wedding band. At 19 he left college, moved to Nashville and spent a year jamming and writing with fellow musicians. Dennis recorded several studio demos while in Nashville. Upon returning home, he spent then next 10 years honing his musical chops while working various jobs. In 1990 he recorded 'Peaceful Nature", a collection of original intrumentals which received considerable airplay on regional college stations. In 1999 he was invited to record at Soundtrack Studios in NYC. Most of these Tracks were used on various cable TV Programs. After a second recording in NYC in 2004, He linked up with fellow musician Ray Young in 2007 to record "Young-Cheplick, Volume I", which was accepted by licensing agencies, Pump
Audio as well as "indietracks", NYC. In 2006 Cheplick reunited with John Sarvis, whom he had collaborated decades early. Recently in the Spring of 2009, Cheplick & Sarvis recorded a Country - folk song "Going Green", which is currently being pitched to country artists. In 2010, Cheplick & Young completed "Young - Cheplick, Volume II", Also accepted By Pump Audio. Cheplick is married to wife Angela and lives in Hadley Pa. John Sarvis Has played and written music for over 40 years. After retiring from an auto manufacturing plant, he is now pursuing his song writing full time.

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My Florence Nightengale
Ocean Sailing (with orcahestration by E. Benjamin)
Passing On
Pymatuning Trail
Springtime In Autumn (With Ray Young)
Sunrise Celebration
Thanksgiving Day
The Moment I Met You
The Nightmare Rides Again
Theresa's Song
What Love Is
Winter Holiday
You Are A Keeper

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