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Dominic G. Ward

Member sinceOctober 27, 2010
LocationUnited Kingdom
InfluencesSimon Garfunkel. Paul Simon, James Taylor, Steeleye Span
Artist Biography:
Dominic Ward was co-founder and member of the English folk duo Maeran . He now follows his own musical path composing and recording and (time allowing between teaching and family commitments) performing, both as a soloist and in the company of other like-minded musicians.

Dominic was born in 1963, the fifth of a family of eleven children and the older twin by five minutes to Gregory, who is also very musical and has a thing about accordions. All his siblings are musical so it is not surprising that Dominic is proficient on a variety of instruments, playing guitar, mandolin, banjo, bodhran, piano and tin whistles. As one half of Maeran he did most of the instrumental work and was the driving force behind the vocal and instrumental arrangements.

The first five years of Dominicís life were lived out in Sutton Coldfield, , West Midlands United Kingdom, but a move because of the familyís need for a bigger house, after his tenth sibling and fourth sister Catherine was born, resulted in the family ending up in Malvern in the heart of Elgar country (living right next door to the great manís grave in fact). Steeped in such a powerful musical tradition and already having music in the ancestral blood, Dominic admits to being irrevocably drawn to music and a very early desire to be able to compose. Listening to his music, one can definitely discern the influential strain of eloquent compositions such as Nimrod, which Dominic declares to be his favourite Elgar work.

With such a musical family, it is inevitable that the brothers and sisters have performed together at various times in their lives. As young children during the 70ís and early 80ís the family often entertained around Worcestershire, coaxed into it by a musical mum whose greatest love was to hear her children sing.

In the 90ís Dominic performed and recorded with four of his brothers in the highly talented, eclectic and seminally mad Gollumís Hanky Roof Orchestrí (latterly GHRO) playing an atypical selection of jazz, rock, blues and thrash classical (classical music with rock instruments and attitude). Naturally as the family has grown and moved away, such occasions are now rare, but Dominic has maintained his musical interests outside of the family unit and has continued to perform inbetween life as a full-time student and eventually a full-time teacher.

All Dominic's music can be obtained free and his albumns are available through his website at as are the CD's produced whilst with Maeran. The eclectic nature of his music means that he embraces a wide audience with a variety of musical styles, largely folk-based, but with room for differeing moods and ambiences.

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