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Jan Hauenstein

Member sinceMay 09, 2009
LocationGoettingen, Germany
InfluencesJohn Stewart, John Prine, Warren Zevon, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Harvey Andrews, Gordon Bok, Tom Rush...
Artist Biography:

September 2013 - new album, 'Nightsongs', available from CDBaby.
I like this one a lot.

Two new albums since I last updated this., both available from CDBaby.

Some Songs on YouTube,

September 2015 - new album is out, 'Romance, Predators, Death & The Universe'. Available from CDBaby.
Some demos for the album are here on Folk Alley Open Mic, others on ReverbNation.
CD is also available via my email address.

Endorsement for the 2009 album 'Late Bloomer':
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Featured Album (Free Downloads)
Late Bloomer by Jan Hauenstein

Late Bloomer is Jan's best work to date, fifteen songs, eleven originals, some of them co-written with Fred Grittner, Terry Lee Ransom, Rex DeLong and Jim Clare and four covers, two songs by the great John Stewart, one by Martha Ann Brooks and one by Jim Clare and Mark Teachey Listen to some tracks and get free MP3s on Jan's artist page...

Jan Hauenstein's Artist Page / Free MP3 Downloads

I was born in 1955, grew up with the music of the 60s, early 70s. Singer-songwriters, folk rock, folk, some rock, some blues, outlaw country. The words were always as important as the music. The music – some songs recorded solo, some with my friends, some songs recorded solo, some with my friends, Charlie Woodward, Fred Grittner, Rex De Long, Art Faller, John August Lee and Tamara Friedrich. We make transatlantic cyber music. Have started writing songs with Fred, Rex, Terry Ransom, Brad DeLong.

Here is what people who have listened to my/our music have written:

You write in such a different manner than I've ever attempted. I'm very intrigued and touched especially by The Dead Heroes of Ergoldsbach - and the story behind it. Same Yonder Comes Ahmed, Forgiveness, 1000 Dead People in Her Hair, and Children.
Rex DeLong

The Trembling Scary song -- you tell the story too well.
Fred Mortensen

Yonder Comes Ahmed I loved it. I had the temerity to show it to a friend who is also a musician. He said, ‘It's haunting!’ Extremely sensitive and BRILLIANT!
Susan Winstead

The Dead Heroes of Ergoldsbach This is wonderful and so sad.. Your voice when you sing Bavarian sky sends chills.
Mary Mitchel

Come Summer And then there's your instrumental. It reminds me of the end of everlasting summer days, sitting on the front lawn after a day of playing with friends, exhausted, dirty, and just satisfied. Very evocative.
Fred Mortensen

The voice
Your voice wrapped round me like a warm blanket.... an auditory opiate, if you will.
Jody Lucas

I love your voice (deep and sexy) and the rendition of the song. It brought tears to my eyes.
Ellen Rosenberg

The voice - the centerpiece to it all. Very distinct, bracing, makes the listener pay attention, like all the good distinct and unique voices. You never push the voice too far, but I think you can go farther with it. It is the strongest asset, the most tuned instrument, your "special effect".
Scott Bradley

My wife says that your voice is the best of all the singers I listen to.
Mark Ecklund

My heroes wrote:
It has that rooted European depth that I like. Well done!
Cheers, Harvey Andrews

You´ve got some quite unique material there, and you´re singing better than ever.
Gordon Bok

I loved the CD you guys made. Very Euro – East Coastal.
John Stewart

I/we have recorded several albums, About Time (September 2012) and Love, Life And Bad Breath (August 2010), are the best, I think.
or write me an email for a copy.

Full-length previews on

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Eddie Loves Bernadette Forever
Golden Happiness
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Manassas In The Rain
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