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Mat d.

Member sinceApril 19, 2006
LocationSioux City, Iowa
MembersMat d. - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin Kurt Mullins- Bass Guitar
InfluencesJohn Prine, Greg Brown, Steve Earle
Artist Biography:
Emerging as a critically acclaimed songwriter and performer in the folk /americana rock music scene, Mat d. has entertained Midwestern audiences with his gritty approach to country and acoustic blues to create a dark signature sound best described as hard luck Americana. His lyrical themes focus on life from the darker side of the tracks with a raw sense of wit combined with a faint if not tarnished silver lining. Jim Pipkin of writes "Mat reminds me of a young Steve Earle with a more powerful set of pipes...Mat's songs are funny, crusty, dirty glimpses into an America out beyond the strip malls. The subjects of his songs flash by like memories of a road trip, with recurring themes of faith, cynicism, and finding what love the world throws at us." Mat has won Folk Rising's album of the year two years in a row for 2007's "Gasoline Rattle" and more recently for his latest CD "Merciful 66" Gary Kappenman- head of A&R for Folk Rising LLC stated "as I sit here listening to Matís Merciful 66 album for about the 20th time, Iím considering that reviewers of Matís first solo album, 'Gasoline Rattle', reminded them of a young Steve Earle. While I enjoy listening to Steve Earleís work, I believe Matís new album goes significantly beyond Steve Earleís work in both the striking imagery of his lyrics and the heartfelt soulfulness he brings to his vocals." His music continues to turn the heads of audiences both young and old with his unmistakable voice and a modern, yet traditionally rooted songwriting style. Dark and compelling, somber and bittersweet, Mat's music not only haunts the soul - but inspires it. Mat released his latest solo album "plank road Drag" in July 2010

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Plank Road Drag
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