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Focus On: Nanci Griffith

The 42nd Kent State Folk Festival concluded on a high note with a performance by singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith and her band. Griffith was "discovered" singing 'round a campfire at Kerrville by singer/songwriter Tom Russell soon after she made her professional debut at 14. Quickly, she was building a reputation as one of Nashville's most-respected songwriters, an artist who filled her songs with intimacy and heartache. An artist with a large and vehement fan following, Griffith has been embraced by both the Country and Folk worlds. The most-recent album from the Grammy Award-winning Griffith is Ruby's Torch (Rounder), a CD that pays homage to the torch songs that were her father's favorites.

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Nanci Griffith Concert - November 15, 2008

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Nanci's website

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Ruby's Torch
  (2006, Rounder Records)

Hearts in Mind
  (2005, New Door Records)

The Complete MCA Studio Recordings
  (2003, MCA)

From a Distance: The Very Best of Nanci Griffith
  (2002, MCA Nashville)

Way to go Nanci ! Such an inspiration to folk players all over the world. Thanks Luck's X-Rd

Posted by Mark Despault on October 06, 2010.
When I was working at a provincial park in university, I was introduced to Nanci Griffith - the song was Love at the Five and Dime. The song still makes me smile. I had the good fortune to see her at Stanfest a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed seeing her perform and learning more about her, her songwriting, and more of her music. Thanks, Nanci. This is great to study by. :)

Posted by Dawna in Halifax on March 21, 2010.
Got to see Nanci a couple of times at live concerts and she only gets better and better. I saw her at a wonderful outdoor concert in Sandpoint, Idaho and she was dancing around on stage all full of energy. She told a funny story about touring with John Prine. She said he had a habit of drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes on stage and she worried they would all blow up at any minute! Thanks Folk Alley!

Posted by Peter Dec on March 20, 2010.
How wonderful. This added to a perfect Sunday afternoon of hanging out by the water appreciating life. Loved all the chatter between the songs too!

Posted by Dorothy Gist on August 02, 2009.
She's the greatest Texan I have ever seen. I just couldn't let Thomas Lerczak get away with that comment. Thomas you should have kept politics out of this comment area. The Supreme Court gave that son-of-a Bush the election, not more than half of America! He is the worst Texan Texas ever came up with and the worst president ever!

Posted by Whitey on June 17, 2009.
One of my favorites for over 20 years. Politics and all. Bought most as records and tapes. Rember her Austin years and am happy about the new album. Great concert.

Posted by Dereck Thornton on May 31, 2009.
Nancy is pure sweetness. If everybody was like her, this would be a perfect world. Thanks Nancy, I love her!

Posted by Patrick Cooper on April 16, 2009.
I've been trying to think back to the 2004 elections and why Nanci would want to leave the country because of the outcome. Maybe it would have been better to leave the politics out of the music, which is great by the way, because if a certain person was re-elected it means that perhaps more than half of your audience could have voted for that person.

Posted by Thomas Lerczak on March 13, 2009.
love her gift of stories! I played her music to my kids while they were still babies, her voice brings back the memory of baby powder and cuddling, them and thanking God for the gift they are!

Posted by San McManamon on March 11, 2009.
I've loved Nanci since I was a teenager - she's always been an inspiration to me. More than just being an amazing songwriter, she's an amazing storyteller, doing more in three minutes than I could do in any story or novel I hope to create as a writer. Having this available to download is a dream come true for me; I attended this show as a birthday gift last November, and cherished it just as I have all of the other Nanci concerts I've been to. Now I'll always have something to remember it! Thanks!

Posted by Kori Frazier on March 02, 2009.
God, she sounds so great -- and it's fantastic to hear her talk about the songs in between! We used to hang out in the dorm in college, back in the 80s, and practice playing all her stuff, singing along. She's anthemic, the Bruce Springsteen of folk-country.

Posted by Toby Bielawski on March 02, 2009.
Wonder full voice that warms and calms my heart. We need more artists like Nanci

Posted by Kevin Jacobs on February 19, 2009.

Posted by Jacques Collombet on February 15, 2009.
Thank you Folk Alley for this great concert by one of our nation's treasures. I will inform her many loyal followers in Nanci Griffith's Fan's Forum of the avalibility of this wonderful performance.

Posted by Jim Troiano on February 14, 2009.

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