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HEAR IT FIRST: David Francey - So Say We All

by Kim Ruehl,

On his tenth album in 14 years, So Say We All, David Francey delivers a rousing collection of traditional-sounding story-songs. From the ever-falling rain in the opening tune to the shooting stars in the title track (which closes the album), this disc spins a web of melodies that shows easy connections between hard work and rest, joy and sorrow, loss and ultimate hope.

As he has been doing for more than a decade, Francey captures all of life’s nuances in a way which is both eloquent and accessible. “Long Long Road,” for example, sounds like it could be a Scottish drinking song about keeping faith no matter what comes. It’s hard to resist the urge to raise a glass and join in singing, “The waves of the water, they endlessly break on the long, long road.” 

Francey knows the long road well. He took it toward a songwriting career, not casting his line into those waters until he was 45 years old. Nonetheless, from his childhood in Scotland to his working days in Toronto, he has brought with him a keen ear for melody. His songs are so honest and real, you’d think folks had been singing them for generations. But, more likely, these tunes have been hanging in the air all this time, waiting for David Francey.

It’s not just the impeccable songwriting which makes this disc an early favorite. Behind Francey comes an intuitive band of gifted pickers – Darren McMullen’s mandolin, especially, brings light into even the toughest turns of these tales. As Francey sings, struggling out of a certain depression, in comes McMullen with a flutter of color, turning the songs into inklings of hope and promise.

Though it certainly delves into life’s dark moments, So Say We All is ultimately a disc about finding something to hold onto. He sums this up well on “Weather Vane,” where he sings, “Everybody leaves their mark, some profound and some profane…forget the wind that howls and turns the weather vane.” Listen in and decide for yourself what kind of mark David Francey has left.

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How do you play So say we All on android tablet? I click it, & it says undefined!! I already downloaded the app for Android,& it still doesn't let me!!

Posted by Amy Rippy on May 04, 2013

Another new collection of songs to tap into from a great poet/ singer song writer. When I'm not sure what I'm wanting to listen too, I go to David Francey ... he never fails to put my feet solidly back on the ground.

Posted by Rob in Connemara on May 04, 2013

Love it . I want a copy for air play on a show I do in Carrboro/Chapell Hill , North Carolina. at WCOM.. Hope it does well for him...I listen to you all the time in my car and at home..If you need a DJ to fill in some space please let me know. I have 17 years with WFSS< NPR. When they got rid of all Bluegrass and Folk music for more JAZZ, I move to WCOM and love it there.. Trying to keep the music alive..

Posted by Sara Barden on May 03, 2013

I like this album but my two favorties are "Rain" and "Pandora's Box". As a Folk songwriter, Pandora's Box really stands out. It's very much the style I write.

Posted by John Pollock on May 02, 2013

We have had the utmost pleasure to hear David Francey here at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 3 times over the years. A magnificent story teller in song

Posted by Adrienne in Australia on May 02, 2013

Very Good and thanks Folk Alley and David.

Posted by Dennis on May 01, 2013

Thank you FolkAlley for making the gift of David's transcendent music available to us. Can't wait to buy the CD when it comes out. "All lights burning bright!"

Posted by Mary from the Great Lakes on May 01, 2013

Thank you FolkAlley for making the gift of David's transcendent music available to us. Can't wait to buy the CD when it comes out. "All lights burning bright!"

Posted by Mary from the Great Lakes on May 01, 2013

A new David Francey CD! Great news and thank you Folk Alley. I picture long spring twilights with great music playing....

Posted by on May 01, 2013

I know about David Francey because of Folk Alley. Each and every album he releases brings me joy. On this album he sings about his battle with depression, which makes it a very personal album to me. I know I will listen to this album countless times and then go back to it again after I listen to all of his others. I'm lucky enough to have seen him live one time, and to have talked with him after. A wonderful man, a brilliant talent.

Posted by Tom McAdam on May 01, 2013

The best performer in the world and it's great to hear it all here first. Thanks, Folk Alley - you've just made my day!

Posted by Keith Brindle on May 01, 2013

There's not a single album by David Francey that I don't absolutely LOVE. This one included! Thank you Folk Alley for sharing it with us! This is a must-add to my collection.

Posted by Sue on April 30, 2013

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