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HEAR IT FIRST ~ Solas: Shamrock City

**Solas will release their new album 'Shamrock City' on Tuesday, February 5th and you can stream it here, in its entirety, until then!**

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by Kim Ruehl, for

At some time during the year of 1910, a young man named Michael Conway left Co. Mayo, Ireland, for a seemingly more promising life far away in Butte, Montana. Like many his age, he was beckoned by the copper mines and tried his hand once or twice in the boxing rings about town. But, a handful of years after arriving in the States, Conway was killed at the hands of the local cops. (The reason why is still unknown.)

Now, a century later, his great-great nephew Seamus Egan – front man for Philadelphia-based Celtic roots band Solas – decided the time had come to write Conway a musical tribute. After all, Egan no doubt recognized the incredible story in his great-great uncle’s migration, as well as the fact that his remarkable story wasn’t so different from that of countless others who have made the trek at other points in history. So, he and his band got to work developing a disc which would pay tribute not only to the struggles of their Irish ancestors, but their accomplishments as well.

The result is Shamrock City – the band’s tenth studio album since their self-titled 1996 debut. It’s a deeply thoughtful, imaginative collection of songs which grapple with the wealth of ideas and emotions inherent in the immigrant journey, as well as the tales which get passed down through history. Along with the passed-down stories, though, come the passed-down rhythms, melodies, and instruments. Where some more recent Solas recordings have toyed with various other areas of American roots music, Shamrock City seems to be a more solid return to their Celtic music roots.

From “The Richest Hill on Earth” to “No Forgotten Man,” Shamrock City is teeming with stories untold, buried by history only to be resurrected in song. Meanwhile danceable high-octane tunes like “Tell God and the Devil” capture the lively, courageous spirit inherent in moving one’s life far across the ocean.

According to a press release, Shamrock City will feature an innovative stage show with photos, film, and stories as well as ‘Tell Your Story,’ an online portal for fans to share their personal family histories.” So, take a moment and dive back through time with Solas’ outstanding new album and see what you think. 



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Really like this band and the new CD BUT cannot find any place online to order it. I usually pre-order from Amazon but can't find it there which is strange. Thanks for any help and a BIG THANKS to Folk Alley for having this to listen to for a week.

Posted by on February 03, 2013

This is a great compilation of songs! Couldn't just hear it once, played it several times over the past 3 days. Just waiting for it to be released. "Am I Born to Die" and "No Forgotten Man"are very haunting, love them, as well as "Michael Conway". Actually, I could go on about them all.

Posted by John T. on February 02, 2013

Part Deux- now that the link works- well worth the patience. Creative exploration of music, story telling. Groundwork for an interactive approach to folk music. A definite purchase!

Posted by David Lull on February 01, 2013

love it. lyrics, melody and a great flow . . .

Posted by pj/maui on February 01, 2013

Absolutely in love with this album! I'm about to go and see if I can purchase it!

Posted by Mike Sodos on January 31, 2013

Just love it ! Thank you janne/sweden

Posted by on January 31, 2013

Love the lads! Will be seeing soon in Northampton. Mick McAuley is still a legend! Thanks for sharing this album. been waiting for it for months. Come to CT lads. Have an Irish bar owned by a Callan lad to play in....Eddy Higgins works there too!!! Come on now! BRILLIANT ALBUM

Posted by Padraig Barry on January 31, 2013

Would like to have heard the Solas' new release however the link seems Broken- it responds "undefined". I will try back later.

Posted by David Lull on January 31, 2013

Great sound,hope you come to Ct.

Posted by irontooth on January 31, 2013

Great sound,hope you come to Ct.

Posted by irontooth on January 31, 2013

Very nice. Proof folk music is alive today and better than ever. Thanks Folk Alley.

Posted by Hank Stachura on January 31, 2013

Solas performed this stage show at Celtic Connections Festival In Glasgow, Scotland this month; they were joined by Natalie Hass, Chris Stout and Catriona McKay in a truly memorable experience.

Posted by john donohoe on January 31, 2013

I have been up all night. Can't sleep. Listening to this new album has helped the night to pass. It's lovely music especially for me in a melancholic mood. Nothing helps me more than a bit of a sad or nostalgic song to raise me spirits. Sign of a true Irish/Scottish man or women, methinks. When in Ireland we sang old Irish songs in the local corner pubs, stomped our feet, and raised a toast to all. It always made me happy. It is a way lost to us in Americay, I think.

Posted by MsLettie on January 31, 2013

Thanks Folk Alley -- without you, I'd never get this wonderful music here in Bulgaria, either!

Posted by Plamen Panayotov on January 31, 2013

Rich story, soothing music -- what a joy! Thanks Folk Alley -- without you, I'd never get this wonderful music here in Kenya!

Posted by Chip Kingsbury on January 31, 2013

Music for me is a background when I am at work, but I found myself focusing on the words and the music of this album. Each song seemed to gently draw me into a rich personal experience offered through melody and story. Very, very nice. I will buy it when it is released. Thank you, Folk Alley, for making the album available. Your support of Solas added greatly to the peace of my afternoon.

Posted by Maggie on January 30, 2013

I keep trying to click on Solas, "Shamrock City" but nothing happens. I am listening to the regular Music Stream with Barb Heller but when I click on "Solas", nothing changes. Maybe it is because I am listening on my IPad? Tom Harper

Posted by Tom Harper on January 30, 2013

Sure stirs the Scotch/Irish blood and a tear to the eyes of this 77 year old!!!

Posted by OscarD on January 30, 2013

I have every album and have listened intently to them all. This one seems to have a lot of heart. Maybe I'm just projecting because I know the motivation for Seamus, but honestly it sounds like they've put more intention in the melodies and arrangements. Exciting and beautiful! Still!

Posted by Michael on January 30, 2013

Loved these guys when I lived in Dublin (Greystones to be exact.) Their show at the Greystones Theatre was one of my favorites. Can't wait to listen.

Posted by Durand on January 30, 2013

We saw Solas in Chicago this past autumn and they previewed a couple of these tunes and told us a few of the stories behind the songs. It is good that the music is coming out soon. Folk Alley and Solas: A tip of the cap for the preview! Classic!

Posted by Steve on January 30, 2013

Very exciting to hear this great new album from one of my favorite bands. Well done. Thanks folkalley :-)

Posted by Kathleen on January 30, 2013

Thanks for posting this ... it's amazing!

Posted by Carsten on January 29, 2013

Thanx so much for posting. amazing accomplishment that raises their work to a new level.

Posted by Tom on January 29, 2013

Can't wait to see the band in Philadelphia on Feb. 9th. Loving the album.

Posted by John Foster on January 29, 2013

Wonderful! I've been excited about this project since the beginning! Congratulations on an outstanding job!

Posted by Eve on January 29, 2013

Love it!

Posted by Jeff on January 28, 2013

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