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Album: Contra Music -The Sound of New England

Label: CD Baby

Release: December 4, 2002

Price: $16.71

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Album Tracks

1 The Green Mountain/Tarboltan/Siobhan O'Donnell's (Mary Cay Brass)
2 Lafferty's (Wild Asparagus)
3 I Don't Love Nobody/ Little Old Cabin in the Lane/ Honey Harbor Two Step (Rodney Miller and Bob McQuillen)
4 Leather Britches/ Miller's Reel (Airplang II with Rodney Miller
5 Poor Old Woman/ Ned Kendall's Hornpipe/ Levi Beaulieu (New Leaf with Rodney Miller)
6 The Jewel Tune/ Brul de la Fagaras/ The Carpathian Tune (The Moving Violations)
7 Bagpipe Ditty/ Christmas Day in the Morning/ Young Widow (Greasy Coat, Rodney Miller Band)
8 Chorus Jig/ Opera Reel/ Growling Old Man and Woman (Full Swing, with Susan Kevra and Mary Cay Brass)
9 O'Donal Abhu/ Rocks of Brae/ Meeting of the Waters (New England Chestnuts, Vol. 2, with Rodney Miller and Friends)
10 Lamplighters/ Kildare Fancy (New England chestnuts, Vol.1, with Rodney Miller and Friends)
11 Happy Acres/ Murphy's/ Johnny Rhino Polkas (Old New England, with Bob McQuillen)
12 Kilcommon The Volunteer (Airdance, The Rodney Miller Band)

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